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2 SUNS: Guestbook

Ron Chilston

July 7, 2010

I truly enjoyed your concert in the park on Saturday, July 3rd in Jerome Arizona. A magical evening to be sure. I have photographs that I would like to share with you.


June 18, 2010

I guess it's just about that time to focus on feel-good stuff. 2 Suns would be one of those things...

Bernard Stantone

April 12, 2010

peace 4 all.

The Masson Family (France)

January 24, 2010

We heard you on Jango too....."Magnifique"

Jaime Lasser..........LA, Cal.

January 24, 2010

Very Nice to hear 2 SUNS on Jango. Your sound made my day better. Thank You!

Sheri Kahn

October 29, 2009

Found you on Facebook. I live in Ireland. Love your music and your U2 pics. Your music would do well here. Much luck and peace to you.

Cheryl Fanning

September 9, 2009

Hi Gina & Gary! Great website! Congratulations on your video - I just viewed it through a link on Aix's myspace page. You guys both look awsome. Since we never see you it's nice to be able to here. Much love, Cheryl

Sean D., midwest, usa

August 6, 2009

Nice tunes

Nice pages

Your music doesn't sound like everyting else out there

Nice to hear honest, real music


July 20, 2009

You guys are the best! Hope to see you at Earthdance!

The East Coast Clan

June 16, 2009

You guys have come a long way since the "Village Gate"....Can't wait to see you on Late Night and catch the Big World Tour!!!!

....All We Need Is LOVE and PEACE

Love You *****

Rob Skyler - Leesburg VA

June 5, 2009


Wow! You've come a long way... Sounds great - I'm impressed. It's great to see you are still doing music and living your dream. Coincidently, I just hooked up with Tony Lightning last month. He's opened a recording studio on Long Island. He will be doing the final CD mastering for my son's band - Clock Strikes XII. And yes the 'ol boys are still playing - Damon toured with Meatloaf and the Trans Siberian Orchestra for a while - now he's with Kay Story, Hank was playing in a band with Bernie Williams (NY Yankees), Jimmy was with Red Belly (he should have taken the invite from Ace Frehley to play on his Japanese tour many years back). Eugene plays drums in a country rock band with Kevin Young (yes country?). I'm managing my son's band and doing most of the bands arrangements and guitar lead work for their Demo CD... Still play with Xcalibur at least once a year with Billy Thomas on vocals...

A year back we roadied for Twister Sister in Atlantic City... That was a blast... they are headlining Rocklahoma this year.

How's Chris, Mark, your Mom? Lost touch -- pass on my e-mail to Chris, I'd like to catch up...

Rain on my window,


Who knows maybe a band reunion is in order one of these days...

Tony Lightning

June 2, 2009

Gina - Glad to see you made your dream come true. The music sounds great.

Matt Afflixio

May 22, 2009

Thought I would say hi! Thinking of you

Quintin Radcliff.....World Citizen

May 19, 2009

Love and Peace back at you.

It is the time of the 'Rainbow Clan' and we do need a soundtrack!


Donald Walsch, Santa Cruz, CA

May 1, 2009


Lucy Monica George

April 10, 2009

Hi Gina and Gary,

Your new website is BEAUTIFUL!

I am so excited to read about your progress and success. It gives me hope and inspiration for my own creative endeavors. I feel immense and deep gratitude for having crossed paths with you. Thank YOU!!! Lucy

Steffen Franz

March 27, 2009

Greetings 2 Suns! Really enjoying the vibe of your music and the whole message of love and positive energy!

Annie Walbash.......NYC

March 24, 2009

Truly amazing! Really love the strength and honesty of your music. I look forward to hearing this all over the world!!!!*****

Dale E. Vandervort

March 12, 2009

Pleasant and Enjoyable

Entertaing and meaningful!

Thank You! Dale Vandervort


February 28, 2009

__$$$$$$___________________$$$$$$$ I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!

An admirer from Jerome, AZ

February 16, 2009

Rock & Roll can sometimes be in the dark a little too much....It's nice to see that there are those in the music business that choose to shine the light, which isn't the popular choice! But artists like yourselves are turning things up-side-down................

Peace, from someone who IS paying attention