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2 SUNS: Home

Gina Donello & Gary Bettum



Gina Donello - lead vocals, keyboards and bass

Gary Bettum - lead guitar and vocals

 Music that feeds the body, mind and soul. Dedicated to Love & Peace. Produced by Lee Curreri. The next generation of Hippies creating a Love Revolution!


>2 SUNS live performing a new song off their 3rd CD

"SKY" by 2 SUNS



"13th Hour" By: 2 SUNS

Music produced by Lee Curreri and 2 SUNS

2012....GAME OVER !!!


2 SUNS is honored to announce that they are the recipients of a PMA (Phoenix Music Award) for "2011 Video of the Year” for “Beyond The Veil”. ”Beyond The Veil” is from the CD Love Revolution written by Gina Donello and Gary Bettum. Video produced by Aix Battoe of Magnetic Video Productions. Music produced by Lee Curreri, Gavin Christopher, and 2SUNS